Saturday, 14 April 2012


Today I have a great thrifty tip for you - how to make your own yogurt.  I started doing this when I was weaning my eldest daughter.  Yogurt is a great weaning food and both my girls loved it!  I was horrified at the poor quality of children's yogurt and fromage frais, most of them didn't even contain any milk and were full of rubbish.  So I was buying big pots of natural live yogurt, most of those available are also organic.  I don't have anything against this but it means they are expensive at £2 or more a pot and we were really going through a lot of yogurt.

So after some research and playing around I started making my own, it's very inexpensive and easy to do & I thought it would make a great youtube video.  So here it is my first youtube video!  I've just uploaded it & I'm quite pleased with it, its not nearly has horrendous as I imagined it would be. 

I only made one mistake which I noticed after I spent all evening uploading it.  At the end when I talk about adding the sugar I say 1-2 tablespoons and I should have said 1-2 teaspoons - oops!!

As you can see there is an initial outlay for the yogurt maker (Amazon charge £10), mine is by Easiyo.  After that all you'll need is milk powder, UHT milk (you can use fresh) and sugar.  For your first batch you will need some live yogurt, after that you can use your own yogurt.


  1. This sounds great.
    I had a easiyo maker , but got rid of it !.
    As i thought I had to always buy the packets to use with it.
    Wish i could have mine back now !
    You come up with such good ideas. Thanx .

    1. Oh no, thats such a shame! Unfortunatly the easiyo packets, which make lovely yogurt, are as expensive as buying organic yogurt ready made.