Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bath fizzers

Lately I have been reading up a lot about making your own cosmetics.  I love to use natural beauty products but find them so expensive.  I've been curious about making my own for some time.

I am trialing a few concoctions at the moment that I am very excited about and hope to share with you soon but last week to kick things off the girls and I made bath fizzers or bath bombs.  They were very simple to make and a lot of fun.  they also fizzed more than any shop bought bomb I've ever used.  We wrapped some in some cellophane and tie them with a pretty ribbon as an Easter gift for my Mum.

You will need

150g Bicarbonate of Soda (I know AGAIN)
75g Citric acid
25g Corn flour
Essential oils of you choice
Water or witch hazel
1tbsp dried flowers (optional, I used lavender flowers)
a spray bottle
silicon cake moulds

Sift the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix together (don't stand over the bowl as the citric acid will make your eyes burn a bit).  Now add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil mix in using a metal spoon.  Take your water or witch hazel and put it into the spray bottle.  Spritz the mixture and mix until you have the consistency of damp sand.  The mixture should stay together when you compress it in your hand.  Now press the mixture into your moulds, the more you compact them the better the fizz.  This is where little hands are very useful.  Once the moulds were filled I used an empty drinks bottle to give them one last press this had the pleasant effect of stamping a sort of flower shape into the fizzer.  Leave to dry somewhere warm and dry overnight and then turn them out.

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