Friday, 13 April 2012

One Yard Wonders -Laptop Cover

Do you remember in my post back in February on gadgets and making them pretty I mentioned making a laptop cover for my husband's work laptop.  Well he finally has his laptop & I have finished the cover.  It's custom sized to his laptop and quilted to protect it.  It closes with a flap and Velcro.  The fabric is perfect on for my husband who works in public transport industry and is something of a "bus nut". I based this project on a pattern from the book One Yard Wonders (which is a fantastic book if you want to get into sewing) but I added a lining rather than binding the seams as recommended in this pattern.


 If you are planning on making this project I would strongly recommend you invest in a walking foot for your sewing machine.  This is a foot used in sewing many layers of fabric (so quilting) and fabrics with a deep pile such as velvets.  The foot attaches to the needle shaft of your machine and has a set of feed dogs that work in conjunction with those of your machine to give even feeding.

These Photo's don't really do the lovely colours in this Echino Nico, Etsuko Furuya for Kokka fabric justice.  I am photographing it in very poor light.

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