Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Shabby Chic Cheap

I am very into the "shabby chic look" and today I found an outfit I would describe as shabby chic cheap ;)
I am really excited I chanced upon a beautiful dress in a charity shop and pulled together a whole outfit for £9.99.  The dress caught my eye in the window.  It is for me the very essence of spring.  light, floaty very feminine, perfect for layering and a delightful fresh green colour.  
I enquired about the dress in the window and asked the size.  It was a size 12, my heart sank a bit, too big.  I really liked it and asked if I could try it anyway.  the ladies in the charity shop made lots of comments about my petite frame and the impossibility of me buying the dress whilst I was in the changing room.  Charity shop staff are always as curious in their manners as the wares they sell.  It was a little large but has quite a lot of darts and gathers I had a hunch that if i belted it it could work.  So I bought the dress for £4.99 and set out to find a belt.  No joy in the charity shops but I found one in Peacocks for £5.  Total cost £9.99 and I love it!  The bust is a little large but I think I could wear it with a vest underneath and the top two button undone to embrace the blousy look.  
All this softened the blow when i got back the garage that was supposed to be putting a new tyre on the car, that we need two new tyres not one :(

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