Monday, 16 April 2012

Make up

Make up is an expensive business but what it can do for our self esteem can be priceless.  My husband is now arguing that make up is in NO way essential but would it be acceptable to turn up to a job interview or wedding party without it?* So whilst the debate continues here these are some tips (first two courtesy of my Mum) about making it go further
  • Get an extra 6months out of your lipstick.  Once you have used the stick continue to apply lipstick using a lip brush.  You will be AMAZED at how much more lipstick there is down in the tube.
  • When you think you have used the last of your foundation cut the tube open and fully empty the contents into an airtight container - those little travel pots from the chemist are good or reuse an old cosmetics pot.  Again you will be amazed at how much there is in there.
  • The dried foundation that collects around the top of your foundation can be used as concealer and of course the colour will match your foundation perfectly. 
  • To make your mascara last longer avoiding pumping the brush in the tube, mascara dries out becuase of the air that is added when the brush is removed and replaced.  If you ever find your mascara has dired out and you need to use it desperatly add a drop or two of water to it.  This isn't really a great idea as putting water into or around your eyes can lead to eye infections so replace your mascara asap if you do this.  

This next one is not strictly make up but a beauty tip none the less.  Here is a sneaky tip I learnt the other day the active ingredient in most high end micro exfoliating creams and spot treatments is salicylic acid or BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid).  Salicylic acid is also the main ingredient in Asprin.  I kid you not I know I sound like a crazy woman now but this does work.  Crush a couple of plain Asprin and mix with a little water.  Apply this to your face and leave for 10mins, rub off to exfoliate as you rinse.  DON'T get this in your eyes.  Only do this once a week and as with those expensive "micro dermobrasions" kits use suncream after doing this as your skin will be more sensitive to sun. 
*After lenghty discussion I have now enlightened my husband that most of our female friends un-be-known to him are wearing make up & that many proffesionals he encounters are required to wear make up at work at least, he's so suprised.


  1. Brilliant! I'm not much of a lipstick wearer but I'll definitely be trying the foundation and mascara tips - thankyou! And the aspirin one, well, it just makes you think how much of a mark-up they charge for expensive creams, doesn't it! Great post as always xxx

  2. It certainly does Fiona! I'm getting very interested in home made cosmetics will certainly be writing more on this topic.