Sunday, 29 April 2012

Eat A Rainbow, week one

Vegetables of the week are... Radishes and Broccoli

I managed to pick up some mild radishes at the supermarket and we have been having them thinly sliced with hummus at lunch time.  My daughter loves hummus so this has gone down well.  She also commented that she liked the crunchy texture.  We have also tried a salad of salad potatoes, grilled haloumi cheese and radishes.  My daughter ate the cheese and not much else.

I made a quiche filling with broccoli and some left over salmon I had. Instead of pouring the mix into a pastry case I made crust-less quiche by using ramekins instead.  I thought the novelty of having your own individual pot for dinner may help - it didn't!  But I may try this idea again with a different vegetable.
We tired steamed broccoli with our Shepherds pie - not very original but by marketing it to my daughter as being part of our rainbow veg she ate one florette. 

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