Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Kettle Descaler

Today has been one of "those days" to coin a phrase.  My youngest daughter (22months) was unwell and my 4year old had a flare up of her existing health problems.  Between the pair of them I have changed 10 stinky nappies & ran about like a lunatic.  Come bed time I was so tired, as were the girls.  It's never an easy time of day & then my husband rang to say he was stuck on the underground & and wouldn't make his train.  Furthermore he would arrive at our local station too late to catch any of the buses back here.  So I had to call upon the kindness of some dear friends to drive 9miles to the station at 8pm to collect him.  I'd just got my girls into bed and begun to tidy the house and was halfway through unloading the dishwasher - the girls tea still all over the tabe, messy worktops ect. - when I get a call from our food delivery service to say they were running early could they come now.  Fine I said, why not.  Multitasking doesn't seem to quite cover my evening. Anyway I've achieved very little today & feeling rather frustrated I decided to descale my kettle.  You may be wondering what on earth I was thinking but stress makes me want to clean but after today I didn't have the energy to tackle a large job.  Also very cheekily by descaling the kettle and taking it out of action for the evening this means when my husband eventually gets home & I get to sit down we'll have to use the coffee machine to make proper coffee.

I know spring cleaning month is over but I hope you will forgive me this little cleaning tip.
This is how I descale my kettle.  I half fill the kettle with 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water and bring it to the boil, then I leave the kettle overnight.  In the morning poor out the water and vinegar.  Then rinse out the kettle and fill it with water, bring it to the boil and discard the water.  Job done.

Now i'm off to put the coffee machine on and raid the childrens easter eggs - yum!


  1. I've never known how to descale a kettle so am delighted! Thank you Simone. So sorry to hear you had a tough day. What a coincidence - we have just brought our coffee machine out of hibernation and Ben is about to set it to come on tomorrow morning! Enjoy your chocolate and hope very much that tomorrow is a better day xxx

  2. Thank you Fiona, I am looking forward to a cup of tea without a coating of limescale tomorrow morning, should get things off to a better start. I hope you & Ben enjoy your coffee.

  3. I am going to try this one.my kettle is always furry. I hate this hard water.

    1. I hate hard water too, with a passion! Let us know how you get on.