Thursday, 17 January 2013

Happy New Year

Hello again!

Once again it’s been a while & it feels a little bit late to be wishing you all a happy new year but this is in fact my first post of 2013.  I hope to get back to blogging a little more & fill you in on some of the lovely projects that kept me so busy in December.  I was bursting to show them off at the time but as they were all gifts I didn't want to ruin the surprise for anyone.

January has been a busy month already lots going on!  I am in a very cleaning, organising, feathering my nest kind of mood lately.  So I am "homemaking" even more frantically than usual.  I bought a gorgeous Cath Kidston table cloth recently (at outlet and in the sale of course) & then spontaneously decided to paint my kitchen chairs in colours to complement the cloth using some jolly (and very inexpensive) sample pots.  If we even get any decent light conditions I will endeavour to photograph my new table arrangement.  I am already plotting to extend the theme and pick up one or two of the colours elsewhere in the kitchen... watch this space. 

My girls were thoroughly spoilt at Christmas by our wonderful but rather large family.  By the 28th of December the joyous explosion of new toys in my living room was starting to make me feel mildly murderous so I set about trying to find homes for everything.  I sorted out the toy box, changed the toys in my "rainy day box" and organised all the girls’ art and craft materials into a nice big box so it’s all together & of course created a big bag of things for charity in the process.  I am VERY organised and rather ruthless about toys.  We love them, they're great BUT there really is only SO much my children can play with and only SO much room in my house to keep them.  Books however are my weakness - you can never have too many books!

Any way in this review of our toys my husband & I were discussing bath toys (what an exciting marriage we have).  I have a small net in the bathroom with bath toys in; we have gone through quite a few over the years.  Bath toys by their very nature tend to get a bit mouldy & damp and sad over time.  Now I know you can soak them in Milton and religiously squeeze the water out of them to prolong their life but really, who's got the time?  We do however have two bath toys that have stood the test of time.  Two bath toys that get played with EVERY bath time, without fail.  These champions of bath time entertainment offer endless playing and splashing opportunities that have never got mouldy or broken.  I think I can say with 100% certainty that if my children could have only 2 bath toys it would be these two.  The VERY best thing about these toys is they were FREE.  Ladies (& gentlemen, if there are any gentlemen reading my blog) I give you

Mr Empty Bicarb pot & Mrs Shampoo Bottle *Applause*  

Also in this rather grainy picture my new table cloth :)