Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring Cleaning - Getting Started.

Welcome to spring cleaning month here is my 1st post.
Where to start... it's daunting, right?  How about this Martha Stewarts cleaning checklist.  Not too huge and scary but covers all the bases.  Like she says though your not going to get your spring cleaning done in a day allow a few weeks.
If you are one of those people for whom spring cleaning is enjoyable and you just can't wait to get stuck in then... go to it and keep checking back here for more tips.

If however you CAN NOT stomach the idea here is a cheeky tip.  Throw a party, send out the invites now and then you will HAVE to clean up.


  1. I love the party trick. Just having my sister over for dinner helps too, we just need a good kick in the backside to get to tidy up and clean. :)

    1. Ha Ha, it's true! There is an ancient English word "Scurryflunge" which means the rapid tidying of ones house from the time you see a guest at the garden gate to the time they arrive at the door. You see it happening a lot in Jane Austen films.