Saturday, 11 February 2012

Knit 1, Purl 1

BBC breakfast did a report on the rise in popularity of knitting this morning.
I was taught the very basic's once by my Grandma but my Mum missed out on the knitting genes so I didn't learn very much as a child.  This year I decided to put this right and teach myself to knit.  Having knitted countless test squares to try out different stiches I am very close to completing my 1st project.

Knitting can be a very a very inexpensive hobby to start.  Charity shops are a great place to pick up needles of all shapes and sizes.  Occasionally you will find yarn too.  Of course a wool jumper can be unravelled and the wool used to make something else so look out in charity shops for these too.

  A great 1st project is to make a dish cloth.  Use cotton yarn again, consider repurposing an old cotton jumper.  A nice robust stitch without too much stretch is moss stitch.  Worked on an odd number of stitches it couldn't be easier it's the classic knit one, purl one.  For tidier edges consider a border of simple knit stitches.

Chunky knitting is very satisfying for beginners, large needled and chunky yarns mean you get results quickly.  Don't feel limited to using only yarn.  Lightweight fabrics such as shirting, cotton poplin etc torn into strips can be tied together and knitted to make a classic rug or rag bag.

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