Monday, 20 February 2012

Get Planting

 If you are planning on growing your own vegetables this year now is the time to get planting your seeds.  This weekend me and my little helper planted carrots, broad beans, cucumbers, leeks and brussel sprouts.  More seeds will need planting next month.  Flower pots can be reused if you wash them first.  Just washing up liquid and warm water will do.

Seeds can be expensive although a packet goes a long way.  Look out for offers of free seeds in give aways and competitions there are quite a lot out there but they do tend to be popular so grab them whilst you can.  Another source of free seeds of course is your kitchen.  Seeds from pumpkins, squashes, tomatoes & courgettes can be washed and dried on the windowsill then stored in paper envelopes until your ready to plant them.

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