Tuesday, 7 February 2012

"The best things in life are free"

As throw away as the above saying is - and please try to cast images of Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson out of your mind -  isn't it true!  I was reminded of this when we woke up on Sunday morning to 4inches of beautiful crisp white snow!!!

We built a snowman before church and warmed up with hot chocolate.  We threw snowballs, pulled the sledge along the road - no hills here in the fens.  Made snow prints and took a walk to look at the pond all frozen over.  By the end of the day we were thoroughly worn out, glowing with excitement and very happy.

Having had some very poorly children of late who now apear to have chicken pox.  I’ve been stuck indoors rather a lot lately so we've had to make our own fun here is a list things me and my girls enjoy.

  • Black and white films - no I’m not kidding my 4year old LOVES black a white films the slower pace, the simplicity and the singing and dancing, I like them too.
  • Jumbo colouring books, big enough to share and colour together
  • Flower pressing collect leaves and flowers from the garden and use a flower press or place them between sheets of blotting paper and heavy book.
  • Making cards bookmarks and pictures with our pressed flowers.
  • baking, always popular with children.
  • sewing cards print a simple picture mount it on stiff card and punch holes around the outline.  Then let your child sew through the holes with a shoe lace of length of wool. 
  • Building dens.  Under the table, under the laundry rack, between two chairs just make sure you have  plenty of blankets and perhaps a pillow.
Thats just for starters. I'll have plenty more posts on inexpensive or better still free fun for little ones.

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