Friday, 17 February 2012

Play Tent

Here it is finally my post about the childrens play tent.  turned out I needed new software before I could transfere the photo's onto the computeer but it's all done now - hurah!
I found instructions online for this delightful children's play tent. It is wonderfully simple, honestly.  I made mine in 1 day on my own with two small children in tow - even the woodwork.
Instructions can be found here over at mycakies blog.

The fabric I used for my tent is a pair of "vintage" Laura Ashley curtains I picked up in a charity shop I think they were about £8 and I've still got fabric left over from this project.  I couldn't get hold of the wood specified in the instructions so I used wood with the closest dimensions.  When it came to buying the dowel for the ridge pole I could only get it in lengths of about 4meteres and consequently it was very expensive.  Instead I bought a wooden broom handle at my local hardware shop for £1.30.

I love this tent, especially the fabric.
The great thing is an adult can sit up in it quite comfortably which is great because my children always want me to come in too.  To store it you simply pull it apart lay the wood flat and roll it up in the fabric and either use the elastic loops to hold it to the wood or tie some ribbon or string around it.  I prop it up next to my daughter’s book case but it would easily fit under a bed too.  I implore you to have a go at this project it really is so easy and so satisfying.  If you can sew in a line, not even a straight line you can do this.  I failed woodwork at school in a big way but still managed to build the frame for my tent, there is hope for us all.

We don't generally pitch it in the kitchen but it was the only room that was light enough to do it some Justice in the pictures.

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