Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sewing Tips

I love to sew and on the whole it's a thrifty sort of hobby.  True the days when you could make clothes cheaper than you could buy them are gone.  However, if you want something that’s bespoke, original and of good quality sewing your own is a very viable and rewarding way to achieve just this.
If you do sew here are some thrifty tips to help you save even more pennies.

  Be green with left over fabric.  It can be rewarding to make a beautiful scrappy quilt or matching purse for your dress  but, however frugal you are you will be left with off cuts you just don't know what to do with.  
  • Speak to your local charity shop.  Charity shops will send items that are in too poor a condition to be sold for fabric recycling, just like a rag and bone man would have done.  The fabric can recycled and made into new fabric - this used to be called shoddy.  Ask if your local charity shop would be willing to send away your scrap too tey will  actauly get ome mony for your scrap.
  • Fabric weights are my preferred method over pins when tracing and cutting fabrics.  They are essential too when working on delicate fabrics that pins would ruin.  I have in the past used jars and tins but found they can be a bit too tall and get knocked over as you move around your pattern (if that makes sense).  Instead by heavy washers from your hardware store for the purpose. 
  •  Notions such as zippers and buttons can be expensive and if you live out in the sticks like me hard to come by.  Try salvaging notions from old clothes either your own or ones from charity shops.
If you have any thrifty sewing tips please share them with us below. 

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