Monday, 28 May 2012

Rainbow vegetables - week 4

We're really rattling through our vegetables in the great rainbow challenge and I've noticed a shift in my eldest daughters willingness to try new foods particularly vegetables.  

This week I decided to pick a seasonal vegetable that wasn't on my original list.  Normally I like to stick to vegetables that are in season because they are cheaper, full of flavour & at their nutritional best.  This week we chose watercress and tomatoes.
We did another crust-less quiche using the watercress which was nice & added a lovely moistness to the quiche mixture.  I also made a watercress pesto which we had on some delicious sea bass - fancy hey!  My girls get excited about fish for some reason, its so expensive I tend to bill it as a treat.  I wish we could eat more of it because I adore fish.  
An idea that I put a lot of thought which I thought was a dead cert was the "fairy pizza" I made.  It was so simple I took a sheet of puff pastry and cut it into squares I topped them with some caramelised red onion and a slice of tomato and baked them.  My eldest was very excited about this idea but tea time ended with her in tears begging me to talk to the fairies so they wouldn't be cross with her for not eating her fairy pizza.  I Think this idea was a little too involved.  My youngest daughter picked the onion and tomato off the base and just ate the pastry.  Its so demoralising when put so much effort into your kids food and they eat none or very little of it.  It makes tea times so stressful when you spend it nagging and coaxing and fighting over food.  Its so important that our kids eat and eat well but sometimes you have to admit defeat.  I always take huge comfort in this statistic that I once read, I've no idea if it's accurate or how they worked it out but its this.  It takes a toddler 72 days to starve.

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