Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Newspaper pots

A few years ago there was quite a craze for using old newspapers to make seed pots that can be planted directly into the ground.  You could buy kits with a lovely wooden tool to help you create pots for seeds but the truth is all you need is an old jar or tin.
I know the planting season is almost over and most of us are starting to look forward to some produce but I though it had been a while since I did a gardening post.

Step One - Take a single sheet of newspaper and fold in half  bringing the two long edges together.
Step Two - Place your can or jar at one short end of the folded newspaper about 5-6cm above the unfolded edge.
Step 3 - Hold the jar, wrapped in the newspaper, with the bottom of the jar and the excess newspaper facing towards you.  You are going to fold this down in 3 sections.  Begin where the newspaper ran out and fold this down against the bottom of the jar, pressing to get it nice and flat.  Fold the next 3rd of the paper down, again try to get it nice and flat.  Fold the final piece down.
Step 4 - Remove you jar and fold the top edge over, all the way around, by about 1cm.

Step 5 - Fill your pot with potting compost, plant your seed, water and place onto a seed tray.  I like to use old tray as seed trays particularly those single tea trays as they fit nicely onto a windowsill.  

If all this is too much faff for you try this idea instead.  Cut a loo roll in half, fill with compost, plant seed just remember these pots don't have bottoms.

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