Sunday, 20 May 2012

Eat a Rainbow - week 3

This weeks vegeatables were Carrots and Beetroot - the two go perfectly together so we'vre really packed them in this week.

My Girls love grated carrot salads!  If you are weary about this try the very child friendly version of grated carrots raisiins and a little orange juice.  My gilrs like this purple version best, grate 2 carrots, 1 large beetroot and one apple, mix together with a hunny and mustard vinegrette - yum!  So healthy and really full of energy too, my girls call this purple salad and actually request it!  This is miraculous given their dislike of vegetables and salad especially but this salad is so sweet and easy to eat.

This recipie was a spur of the monent invention as i was preparing a roast dinner but went down really well - my eldest daughter doesn't need any persuading to eat flowers.  Roasted lavender carrots, par boil some carrots transfere to a small roating tin and mix 1-2tbps of lavender hunny (or regular hunny) with 3tbps of olivie oil, coat the carrots, roast as you normally would.  5-10mins before the end of the cooking time add 1 tbsp of lavender flowers (fresh or dried depending on the season).

Like i say the lavender carrots went down very well and add a nice summer twist to a roat dinner.  At Christmas I always cook Carrot and cardomon carrot puree.  It's now become a christmas staple but is delishiouse any time of year.  Boil carrots with 2 cardamon pods until soft remove and drain away some of the water.  Fish out the caramon pods and puree the carrots in a food blender.

Carrots and beetroot are delishouse simply roated together with plenty of garlic this is my faviourite thing to do with them when they are fresh from the allotment & is a lovely earthy supper with sausages after a day at the allotment.

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