Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Make jam not war!

The preserving season is almost upon it & I can not wait!  I have been making Jam, chutneys and Jellies as well as drying my own herbs for about 3years now & it gives me such pleasure.  

It really is so easy although I've improved my technique over the years I've never had a bad batch.  Last year I made my own recipe for lavender jelly which turned out really well.  
You may already have made some jam from early fruits such as rhubarb - rhubarb and ginger jam is delicious!  I always kick off the season with a batch of Elderflower cordial in June.  It reminds me of when I was expecting my 2nd daughter.  I was already a week overdue and having lots of false starts & going a little out of my mind - it was also very hot that year!  I tired all manner of home remedies to induce labour and eventually struck on the notion that if I started a project she was sure to arrive.  So I set about making Elderflower cordial convinced that whilst it hung overnight straining through a muslin I was sure to have my baby.  I didn't, it was another week before she arrived but we had some lovely cordial to toast her arrival.

image via decorative country living where you can also purchase these vintage french jam jars
Anyway now is the time to start collecting your equipment together and particularly collecting all the empty jam jars and glass bottles that you can lay your hands on.

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