Monday, 14 May 2012

Eat A Rainbow - Week 2

This weeks vegetables are... Sweetcorn and Butternut Squash

I found two lovely sweet corn recipes on the BBC's sight.  My repertoire in sweetcorn recipes extends to haddock chowder and that's it, I felt I needed to try something new.  Having had a roast chicken on Sunday and made stock with the bones this cchicken noodle soup  recipe seemed spot on.  I snipped the noodles using scissors into manageable sized pieces before giving this to the girls.  Neither of them liked it, which was a shame as I thought it was delicious.  I feel a little to grown up for children and a bit bitty too.
On Friday night we tried sweetcorn nachos as a treat.  My girls thought I was giving them crisps for tea and didn't seem to mind they were loaded with vegetables, they both asked for seconds!

I tired butternut squash two ways.  I felt a bit bad about cooking butternut squash in the spring as it is not in season and therefore expensive and long haul veg.  However I cooked it two ways a both times it was eaten and at the moment that's a massive priority.  Like I say my daughter has been unwell and lost a lot of weight because of her eating habits.
Recipe one - I diced the squash (I hate prepping butternut squash) and mixed it with some other root vegetables in a roasting tin.  I drizzled with a little olive oil and added a couple of sprigs of rosemary.  I roasted the veg for about 15mins in a hot oven and then opened a packet of sausages and laid these on top of the veg to cook for a further 20mins.
I used the left over roasted butternut squash for recipe number two later in the week.  I made a risotto - adding a couple of sage leaves with the onion and at the end added the roasted butternut squash.  This would also be nice with bacon added.

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