Thursday, 10 May 2012

Useful little pots

Hello Readers

I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately, life got in the way again but I'm back now.  
This post is perhaps a little tongue in cheek - I know how to laugh at myself.  I've been thinking about all the bicarb I've been using up lately and what to do with all those little pots.  Here are my ideas please feel free to comment and leave your ideas.
  • Store screws and other hardware in the shed (I'm imagining a whole shelf with neatly labelled and sorted screws - the pots with the flip lids would be perfect for this)
  • store hair clips and elastics
  • hold paperclips
  • use as a cup to wash children's hair in the bath
  • punch holes in the bottom and make a bath toy
  • plant seedlings in them
  • use as a pen pot
  • store beads in them or organise your craft materials
  • Pierce a whole in the lid, place a ball of string inside and thread the end through the lid and viola a string dispenser.
My girls like to use the empty Borwicks containers to play shops with - who can blame them they are attractive looking.
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If you fancy decorating your pot why not use stickers or scrap booking paper.  You could even use a scrap of pretty fabric and copydex glue to secure it or simply write whats inside your pot for easy reference.

I'm sure there are endless uses for these useful little containers I look forward to hearing your ideas.

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  1. Fab ideas - thankyou! And that is indeed such a pretty pot :) I finished a tub of Betty Crocker icing the other day and then saw on Pinterest an idea for storing wallpaper borders inside and covering the icing pot with a bit of the border so you could see immediately what it contained. As I'm currently trying to organise the house, all ideas are gratefully received! xxx