Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee weekend.

Hello Readers

I've been a bit of a fair weather blogger lately.  The sunshine finally came out (and has of course now disappeared for the bank holiday weekend) but we have been making the most of it.  I have been busy sewing too - more of that later.  Anyway I thought I'd do a jubilee themed post and fill you all in on what we've been up too.

On Tuesday I had the great honour of judging a jubilee bonnet competition.  As you may have noticed I am 27 going on 77 & I am privileged to have been adopted by the ladies fellowship in our village.  The ladies fellowship is a group of about 30-40 older ladies who meet every Tuesday for a talk or social activity and a cup of tea.  They are attached to the Baptist chapel which we attend.  Any way they have had me to talk a couple of times now & always invite me to their socials.  I was so excited to be asked to judge their jubilee bonnets competition - like soooo excited :)  I wish I had taken some photo's because all the hats were so lovely and as judge I had a tough time.  Any way my youngest came along to help with the judging so I just had to make her a little something to wear.  I used this pattern which I purchased on Etsy.  My youngest daughter is forever pulling her hats off and last year I had great success with an old fashioned baby bonnet which she can't pull off so easily.  Although she's nearly two she has enough of a baby face to wear a bonnet. I bought the fabric at my local quilting shop total cost about £7 & I know I'll use this pattern again.

On Friday my eldest daughters playgroup had a Jubilee party & I made these red white and blue strawberries for her to take in.  They are simply strawberries dipped in white chocolate with the tips covered in blue sugar or edible glitter but very effective.  

One note my 1st batch didn't go very well.  I used Cadbury's white chocolate which had too much vegetable fat in and didn't melt but separated and spoilt.  I attempted to cover the strawberries in icing (d'uh!) of course the sugar just drew all the juice from the strawberries and I ended up with a big mess.  I tired again with Green & Blacks white chocolate and this melted just fine.  

Finally we had friends over for afternoon tea this afternoon and I made a three tiered sponge cake with a red, white and blue layer for a real surprise when we cut into it ;) I'm still rather new to icing cakes all over like this my presentation needs a little work.

I didn't manage to get a picture of us slicing the cake but this is the scene after our friends departed so it can't have tasted bad at all.  And after all whats is cake for but to be eaten ;)

I hope that however you spent your jubilee weekend you had a lovely and relaxing time.

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  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I agree with you re Cadbury's chocolate - lovely taste, but rubbish when melted! Brilliant ideas as always. Enjoy the rest of the extended weekend! xxx