Sunday, 24 June 2012

Simone's Sugar Scrub

I spent another evening covering myself in food stuffs, all in the name of research you understand.  My husband observes these adventures of mine at a wary but curious distance.  Anyway I've come up with an amazing sugar scrub recipe that you ladies are really going to thank me for.  It is super cheap to make from ingredients you will have in your kitchen cupboards.  Further more this scrub is a bit of a one hit wonder (in a good way) this one product will exfoliate and moisturise your legs plus you won't need to use any soap or shave foam to shave your legs as the oil in this scrub will make your razor glide effortlessly over your legs.  It will also boast your circulation, help get rid of cellulite and give you a really close shave meaning you won't have to shave so often.  This is such a time saver & I guarantee you SMOOOOTH legs.

sadly these are not my legs

This is my recipe, you will need 

An air tight container 
175grams of sugar (just ordinary sugar)
100ml of oil this could be olive oil, coconut oil, baby oil, grape seed etc. use your favourite (I used 75ml of coconut and 25ml olive oil)
1 tbsp citrus juice, freshly squeezed.

Measure your ingredients add the oil to the sugar and mix well.  Add your citrus juice.  
Now run a nice bath & have a nice soak to really soften your skin.  Take a palm full of the sugar scrub and rub it all over your legs give them a good scrub!  Now but your leg back in the bath to get rid of the sugar grains and then take them out and shave.  Remember you won't need to use any foam or soap as the oils from the scrub will suffice.  Rinse your leg again & repeat with the the sugar scrub.  You're done! beautiful clean, smooth legs

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  1. THANK YOU! How fantastic! The darkness of my hair means that I have to shave very regularly, therefore any handy tips on this subject are much appreciated - and how I laughed at the caption you wrote for the photo! I envy her the smooth feet as well as the awesome legs! :D xxx