Sunday, 1 July 2012

Grab a bargin

Do you ever hunt through the reduced section in the supermarket but pass something up because you can't use it immediately?  I do.  However recently I've tried to think outside the box a little and thought I'd share the results with you.

Now of course meat and fish can be frozen - just check it hasn't previously been frozen.  Cheese can also been frozen even soft cheeses like Brie and Camembert.  Fresh herbs can be frozen in ice cubes or hung up and dried.  Try freezing them in olive oil so they can be thrown straight into the pan.  When it comes to fruit and vegetables you may have to be a bit more creative.  I recently got 5lb or strawberries for £2 at closing time at our local market.  I made strawberry jam most fruits can be turned into jam.  I  also got two melons for £1 and made melon granita.  Vegetables can always be made into chutney's or pickled or cooked and then frozen.

Recently I also found double cream reduced.   Cream has a very short shelf life and can't be frozen however double cream (not single) can be turned into butter.  Instead of spending hours shaking a jam jar I used the plastic whisk attachment on my very cheap and basic food processor - what I'm saying is any food processor will do this.  Whisk the cream in the food processor it will go thick and then all of a sudden you will notice it solidify and the buttermilk separate - magic!  Drain off the buttermilk - don't throw it away it makes great scones!  Now you need to get rid of all the buttermilk from the butter to do this add a small amount of cold water to the food processor and blitz for a few more seconds, drain the liquid off.  Keep doing this several times until the liquid runs clear.  You are almost there.  Now take the butter and squeeze out the water do this with your hands over a bowl.  Now shape and chill.  Butter like this tastes fresh and creamy - a real treat.      

Now get baking those scones and then enjoy a famous cream tea!

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