Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Name Tags

I just had to share this not necessarily thrifty but very time saving tip with you.  My Eldest daughter starts school in September & I have spent the last 2days glued to the sofa, with a stinking cold sewing endless name tapes into every pair of socks, blouse, pinafore, PE item etc it's an endless task and pretty thankless even for a keen sewer like myself.  I know how many of you out there hate this job (or employ a grandma to do it for you).  So Imagine my joy when someone shared this link on twitter for a revolutionary new naming system.

Introducing the easy tag it's a button with your child's name on and it attaches using a simple applicator.  They can be re-used again and again you just have to buy new backs.  The price is comparable to other name tapes but you do have a set up cost of buying the applicator and the cost of new backs. I had to dig about a bit online to find all the prices so I've given a little break down below. 

Starter set (applicator, 50 buttons and backs) - £29.95
50 new backs - £7.95
50 buttons and backs - £19.95

These little buttons are tough & will stand up to commercial laundries 100'C wash & commercial tumble drying, even bleaching.  A lot of nursing homes use them and people say they are ideal if your child goes to boarding school.  One reviewer said  she had labelled all her child's uniform in 10mins!  

So there you have it!  If you have a child starting in school and siblings to follow this really could be worth your while or if you just can not abide this task then here is an easy option.

Please do comment if you have used this system, do they live up the hype?

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