Saturday, 31 March 2012


The last day in March and my final spring cleaning post, phew! Two tips for you today on cleaning carpets.

Remove hair (pet or human) from carpets with a clean trainer.  Pop the trainer on your hand and rub it over the carpet and see the hair lift off.  I've also heard rubber gloves to the same.

My recipe for a carpet refresher.  I hope you stocked up on Bicarbonate of Soda at the beginning of the month because  your about to need it again.  Mix bicarbonate of soda with dried lavender flowers, sprinkle over your carpets.  Leave for an hour or more and vacuum off.


  1. Is the carpet freshener recipe a Shake 'n' Vac equivalent? We definitely need some of that around here! I'm now going to browse for MASSIVE tubs of bicarb - one just doesn't last five minutes, does it? Thankyou for another great tip! And, going off topic, I need to make myself a peg bag with a baby coat hanger and some material - could you possibly point me in the direction of a pattern? Thanks so much in anticipation! xxx

  2. Hi Fiona, thank you for your comments - I am encouraged as always that at least you are reading my posts. Yes the recipe in this article won't clean your carpets but is a substitute for shake and vac as it will draw out odours and introduce a fresh smell. Funnily enough a peg bag is on my to do list as well as mine is looking tatty. I have found these two tutorials online both use a child’s hanger. The 1st is very simple and ideal for beginners.

    This second tutorial is for a fully lined peg bag and is therefore slightly more involved but will be more robust.

    I hope you find one of them useful.