Tuesday, 20 March 2012

 7. Towel rail for cleaning products  8. Ice removes gum & wax  9.From fruit sack to pan scrubber

Picture number 5 is the long awaited DIY fabreze recipe I tried a few weeks ago, it works well and uses very simple ingredients you will have around the house.


  1. Thank you Simone! I have been very excited about the Febreze recipe - I just need some essential oil and I'm off! Where do I get it from and which one would you recommend? xxx

    1. Hi Fiona.
      Thanks for your question it is a good one..
      The important thing when buying essential oils is that you check that what you are buying is 100% essential oil and not a watered down version. Health food stores sell essential oils but I think the best quality ones on the high street are boots own brand. They are fairly priced starting at around £4 a bottle and have a good range. They also produce a good leaflet (free of charge) about essential oils and thier uses. Essential oils have so many wonderful uses I use Lavender for just about everything relaxing, soothing, bathing, antiseptic, sleeping, fragrance, cleaning and cooking! This won't be the 1st time you hear me harping on about essential oils.
      Be careful with them though they can be powerful. Make a note of their uses and effects. Only Lavender and T-tree oil can be used dirrectly on the skin all others need to be mixed with a carrier oil.
      I hope that is enough to get you started.