Friday, 9 March 2012


This week I've been spring cleaning my bedroom, lots of laundry involved!  Here are my tips for you.

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 Remove your curtains and blinds and wash them, check the label 1st.
Then remove all your bedding, sheets, mattress protector right down to the mattress.  Wash your pillows, duvet, quilts, sheets - the lot!

Clean and dust under your bed including the skirting board - you will be horrified how dirty they get.  Dust the rest of the room from the top down, open the windows whilst doing this.

Now mix hald a coffee cup of Bicabonate of Soda with a 2-4drops of lavender essential oil.  Do this in a jar or sealable container and shake to mix.  Then sprinkle all over your mattress and leave for 1 hour or more then, vacuum it off.  This not only de-odorises your mattress but the bicarb will draw out moisture from the mattress.  Vacuuming also kills a lot of dust mites.  If you have a steam cleaner steam cleaning your mattress will kill even more dust mites.  Consider buying a steam cleaner if you have allergy sufferers in your household.

Leave the rest of the room for an hour after dusting to let the dust settle now vacuum.


  1. Bicarb is so multi-purpose isn't it! I've already put some in the bathroom next to a bottle of vinegar so I can regularly create foamy loo cleaner, and now I shall be looking out for lavender essential oil so I can deodorise our mattresses (have been relying on Febreze up until now). Such brilliant tips - thankyou! Have a great weekend! xxx

  2. Bicarb is the best I only whish it came in bigger tubs. lol