Sunday, 22 September 2013

Vintage nursery

I shared with you my exciting utility find for the nursery.  Well now it's time for the before and after.  Here it is after sanding priming and painting.  I'm not normally a fan of gloss paint (or bright colours) but for this piece it was right.

This is the wallpaper we've chosen for the nursery.  A beautiful vintage sail boat design by Cath Kidston in lovely bright colours that I think will really stimulate a small child.

image source
The theme is very vintage as you can probably tell.  I've been collecting vintage inspired toys and bits and pieces to decorate the room.  I saw some charming wooden blocks in a lovely vintage shop when we were on holiday.  They were beautifully aged and played with.   

antique wooden blocks via etsy
 I thought it would be lovely to write out our wee boys name in blocks but as they were priced per block this would have been expensive.  Undeterred (as always) I found some very similar wooden blocks in my local poundland of all places.  In order to achieve that lovely distressed vintage look I was after I put the blocks in a net and let my children kick them around the patio for an afternoon.  Then I set them about rubbing the paint off them on the paving, they were most bemused by this but had a lot of fun doing so.

The sweet little trunk (our little man's brief case as we jokingly refer to it) that you can see on top of the drawers was kindly given to us by a friend who heard about my furniture find.  It sets it off perfectly I think.
So the nursery is starting to come together and other than the wallpaper (which we are using on just one wall but is my one extravagance) it's all very thrifty, naturally ;)  

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