Friday, 8 March 2013

Le Ballon Rouge


Here is a little recommendation that I hope will brighten up your weekend.  Justine over at Sew Country Chic recommended this as a lovely film to watch with little ones and well you know how suggestible I am ;)

This cute little french film made in 1956 is so delightfully simple & best of all the whole film is on YouTube - for free!

I didn't know how long my girls would put up with the slightly grainy film & dated soundtrack but they LOVED this film.  I loved it too, it reminded me of the summer I lived in Paris.  Its a city I am fortunate to know well & I think this film really catches it without being cliche.  It has a certain charm about it and I think it qualifies as a children's classic.

I hope you enjoy it too!

P.s. After we watched this film I blew up a red balloon for my girls to play with, they spent hours pretending it was "The Red Balloon"

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