Sunday, 24 February 2013

Easter Parade

Not long until Easter now & my thoughts are turning to Easter Bonnets.  I always make my girls Easter Bonnets.  Sometimes we just trim a plain straw hat with eggs or flowers and sometimes I sew a cute vintage style baby bonnet.  This year We have a wedding to attend the weekend after Easter & my girls have requested "Little House on the Prairie" bonnets.  Well I don't need much encouragement (a you know) so I am going all out and making dresses with matching bonnets.  

Yesterday I made the first dress using the Flower Girl Dress pattern (below) from the book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross.  Isn't this image beautiful?  I have been hoping to have occasion (such as a wedding) to make this dress for quite a while.

 I haven't settled on a bonnet pattern yet, I am still looking - once again Pinterest is offering of wealth of inspiration.  I was hoping to make the girls identical outfits & dreamt of using some lovely Liberty Tana Lawn like the fabric in the picture above.  However this was too expensive & when I looked through my stash of fabric I found 2 meters of a lovely floral design that complimented my eldest red hair beautifully.

However nothing for L my youngest.  I began looking for fabric and was delighted to win an e-bay auction for some Tana Lawn in a print that my sister and I saw plenty of in the children's department on our recent visit to Liberty's- just enough to make her dress and bonnet.  This luxurious fabric will make a dress and bonnet that will be treasured for years!  I can't wait to show you how it turns out.

A little on the wild side but I love the retro look of this fabric.
 I am really enjoying my sewing at the moment I feel like I am finally no longer a beginner and can produce a simple project like a skirt or simple dress in a few hours and find this tremendously satisfying and relaxing.  I am experimenting with different seam finishes with these next projects to produce items that are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside and hopefully more durable too.  My girls are delighted when I whip up a little something for them to wear - I hope that continues for a few more years at least.


  1. You should look up "French Seam" - it's usually used for sheer fabrics like chiffon, but would definitely work on any fabric, and fits your requirement of beautiful on the inside.

    1. Hi Grethe, thanks for stopping by. Yes I used french seams on the skirt pannels for the dress I made at the weekend - it gives such a lovely finish but can be bulky and is only suitable for straight seems. I want to try a taped seam or maybe Hong Kong finishing for covering messy areas like where a bodice joins a gathered skirt on a dress or for curved seams. I'd be interested to know What seam finish you like to use on curved seams?