Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nutella Part 2

I've shared with you before about re-purposing the lids of Nutella jars but now for something pretty.

Of course the glass jars that the chocolate spread comes in can we washed out and used a tumblers but it may take quite some time to get a set this way so how about this.

Make them into pretty candle votive using nothing more than double sides tape and some scraps of lace.  This is so simple to do I won't patronise you with instructions and it's so simple children can do it to.



The pictures don't quite do them justice but they cast some pretty shadows with a tea light in them. 


  1. Hi Simone! My friend Aggie passed your blog on to me and I've been looking through it - it's lovely; well done! I will definitely be keeping up with what you write and your thrifty tips are great - thank you! I too am a full-time mum (of two boys) and my outlook on life is very similar to yours. Thanks for all you've written so far and please keep it coming! Fiona xxx

  2. Hello Fiona, WOW! My 1st comment, you made my day! So glad you like the blog and want to keep following. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. Simone