Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thrifty Tips on Exercise


Wow, it's been ages since I last posted I'll make no apologies for the fact that life took over, I got busy & blogging was not high up on my list of priorities.  But now the evenings are drawing in and I have my eldest settled at school I have found my mind returning to blogging.  I started this blog because I wanted to do something for myself.  I felt as thought I had lost my own identity in being a wife & mother lately those feelings have crept back in so having just finished a 20min work out (another little resolution I have made for myself) I thought, why not write one of those blog posts that has been rattling around in the back of my head for a while.  

Let me tell you more about my new exercise program - ha ha that sounds so regimented.  Before Child (BC) I used to do an exercise class once a week aerobics or Pilate's and lead quite an active lifestyle.  I am naturally, by virtue of good genes, very slim (a little too slim if I’m honest) and then after 9months of awful morning sickness with my 1st child I was very very very thin & not in a good way.  I was too afraid to exercise in case I lost yet more weight - which I just couldn't afford to do.  I know its a problem most Mums' would kill for but trust me its not pleasant & I am convinced just as bad for my health as being over weight.  I thought that all the running up and down stairs after children & weight lifting with a toddlers & school bags would be enough to keep me fit.  However, after several years of no proper exercise my limbs started to feel weak.   

some lovely 1950s ladies working out.

  I decided I needed to tone up but how do you get to an exercise class with children in tow or when you are shattered in the evenings.  Oh & of course I can't afford an exercise class anyway.  So after giving it some thought & armed with nothing more than a yoga mat & a laptop I tried to find an exercise program that would work for me.

I quickly settled on Pilates as my ideal exercise method - all about muscle strength and core stability rather than fat burning. I also decided that I needed to be realistic about how much time I would have for exercise & when I could fit this into my day. 20mins during nap time seemed achievable so, I fired up youtube  typed in "20 minute pilates workout" and I found a great video straight away!  I have been using it ever since.  I have dug around on youtube for other videos' and found searching by the time you have available "5/10/20/30 minute" yields great results.  I have already noticed the benefits too I feel my posture improving & I feel energized after my workouts.  As if that wasn't good enough as I boasted to my husband the other day I can now snap off the excess stalks on the Broccoli in the supermarket!  What a thrill!  So not only am I exercising for free at my own convenience I am saving money on broccoli as a result lol.

Should you need a little more motivation than my wonderful Broccoli experience (snigger) can I recommend following my friend Marion on twitter.  Marion is a personal trainer and re-tweets lots of interesting articles & motivational tips - I thoroughly recommend her.  

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