Friday, 10 August 2012


I know many of you will have choked on your cup of tea just reading this tittle and I apologise if I have offended you BUT my biggest and best tip for you if you want to save money on Christmas... start thinking about it in July.  
My first port of call is the dotcomgiftshop sale this little online gem is always great value for gifts for all but their sales are amazing!  I am afraid you have missed it for this year but it's still worth checking out for lovely gifts.
I like to make many of my presents and this takes time.  Hampers make a lovely gifts at Christmas so once again I urge you to get your preserving pan out and make the most of the summers bounty.  Home made jam on toast in front of the fire at Christmas time, a sharp chutney to temper your Christmas cheese platter or a fruity liquor to toast the new year.  Make them now and then have fun making them look really special once the cold weather kicks in. 
If you follow my blog you'll know I love to sew even not more than I love to make jam.  This year I am making the beautiful Princess and the pea toy from the last issue of Mollie Makes.

 Isn't it adorable?!  You can read about this project and see more pictures on the designers website here.  I am making this for my youngest daughter complete with a little bag to keep it all together and hope to find a beautiful copy of the story to really set it all off.  I am really excited about this project.

I have also been picking up old vinyl records at charity shops and have plans to turn them into funky presents.  Another thing I have been on the look out for in charity shops are pretty pieces of china and glassware these make pretty, useful and different gifts for women of all ages.  

I hope you can begin to appreciate why I start my planning 6 months in advance I confess that in part I am a control freak and dislike leaving anything to the last Minuit.  I love to lavish time on the gifts I give and give something original.  Also by making a couple of gifts each month it spreads the cost. 


  1. I love Molly Makes magazine too! But it's so expensive in the US.

    1. Hi Justine, thank you so much for your comment. All Magazines are expensive in the UK I tend to buy them as a treat, sadly. Just as well there are so many lovely blogs out there for inspiration ;)